Phase II environmental site assessments are conducted to determine the uncontrolled release of contaminants into the environment. DeLisle has conducted hundreds of Phase II site investigations for petroleum and hazardous substance releases across Michigan and the United States.

DeLisle has established a solid reputation for managing both routine and sensitive projects with rapid, thorough characterization of the subsurface using both conventional and innovative technologies. DeLisle brings added value to your site investigation by using field time as efficiently as possible and maximizing data collection and data quality.

DeLisle has successfully used the following investigation techniques:

  • Geoprobe® push probe technology for vapor, soil, and groundwater sampling
  • On-site analytical laboratory for immediate analysis of vapor, soil, and water samples
  • Hollow stem auger drilling for soil and groundwater sampling, and well installation
  • Monitoring well sample collection
  • Laboratory analytical data interpretation
  • Data analysis and Report generation

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